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Twon Schroeder Nutritional Therapy LLC

As a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner I have skills to hear what your body is saying it needs for nourishment.  

I have a broad spectrum of tools to achieve the nutrition goals of each individual, this is based on an interview process with forms and a functional evaluation that checks reflex points to determine if what parts of the body need support, as well as the specific foods/supplements that will improve function.

I work together with my clients to reach solutions that fit their life- apart from the modern food fads that can be innaccurate and confusing.

My education and ceritification comes from the Nutritional Therapy Association- a school based on a whole foods perspective, Weston A. Price, Dr. Goodheart, Dr. Bennet and wide spectrum on holistic practicioners who have found breakthroughs in nutrition.

I also am available for teaching about nutrition, hands on food prep demonstrations (ex. ferments), home visits, and grocery store visits. 

I am certified to teach a 5-week nutrition class, RESTART, which included a 3 week sugar detox.  A great group experience that introduces the fundamentals of nutrition.

I believe in real food and the ability for the body to improve through proper food and function.


Nutrition (digestion/blood sugar/adrenal health), Gut Healing, Teaching, One on One Counseling, Food Sourcing

Twon Schroeder

1930 Woodlawn Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46203
Business Phone: (317) 523-4231
Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) by Nutritional Therapy Association
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