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Virginia Biasizzo, Natural DNA Therapy Practitioner, is a trained acupuncturist and frequency medicine specialist for nearly thirty years.   Virginia is a Complementary Health Care Specialist focused on digestion and immune functions.  Virginia has worked at integrating Eastern and Western modalities within leading health care facilities such as Dartmouth Hitchcock and Harvard Medical’s Mass General Hospital, is CEO of Homeovitality USA and is a practitioner at White Willow Integrative Health in Broad Ripple.  Virginia is devoted to research and development of technologies supporting and validating of the unifed field while educating people on these latest discoveries of the mind/body connection.   Consults by appointment.


Natural DNA Therapy Practitioner; Frequency Medicine

Virginia Biasizzo, NDTP

740 E 52nd St, Suite 11
Broad Ripple, Indiana
Business Phone: (617) 990-6979
Ph.D in Complementary Health Care Sciences specializing in Immunogenetics
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