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Indy Holisitic Hub

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X-Stream Therapy

 It has been proven Scientifically beyond a shadow of a  doubt that the living cell is controlled electrically.  The living cell is designed to store and transfer subtle natural electrical energy.  This is not new information to many. Eastern cultures have understood and utilized the concept of Chi energy for many centuries. 

 X-Stream Therapy is the only place in the Midwest that uses advanced computer technology  aligned with ancient eastern medicine to achieve amazing healing results. Our device is FDA approved and brings with it 30 years of proven results.It was Originally available only to elite athletes and “those in the know” But now we can offer it to the general public throughout the Midwest.

 Our Accuscope and myopulse device works, not on the ailment, but on the body itself so it is beneficial for both neurological and connective tissue issues.It has the amazing ability to seek out inflammation or impedance in a living cell and remove it allowing the cell to store and transfer energy as it is designed  to do. It detoxifies At the cellular level and allows the body to heal 2 to 3 times faster than normal and gives  immediate and lasting pain relief. Drug-free, nonevasive and no risk of infection. 

 We are completely mobile and will come to you! Our technology also works tremendously well on horses, dogs and cats!


Pain management, improve range of motion. Detoxification

Darren Williams

1869 E. County Road 100 N.
Logansport, In 46947
Business Phone: (574) 398-1351
Personally trained and certified by the world renown leaders in pecocurrent therapy The Thorp Institute of Integrated medicine
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