Who We Are

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Committed to the well-being of our Indianapolis community and its holistic professionals, we provide a support network for holistic professionals, while giving access to resources and holistic care to the greater community. Holistic care respects the person’s whole being and honors the mind, body, spirit connection to approaching that care. Caring for yourself mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually opens you up to a whole new light.

We are not about a one-size-fits-all approach. The goal, is for you to learn what fits you through the resources we provide, classes, and holistic providers. We want you to be empowered to make choices. We hope you’ll make your health and well-being a priority so you may experience a more vibrant life!

Our Mission

To connect, grow, and expand the local holistic community for the greater well-being of all.

The Leadership Council

We are greater than the sum of our parts. This is a key philosophy to holistic care and also key to our mission. Thus, it was important to have a team of leaders come together so we may have a greater impact.

Jennifer Seffrin, Founding Director

Jennifer is a Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Practitioner. Owner of Seffrin Synergy & Founder of Indy Holistic Hub, she focuses on supporting and growing the holistic health and conscious living community. She works with other professionals to create connection, build community, and find their fit to support this common mission.

Karmen Fink, Council Member

Karmen is a Divine Synergist giving you tools to reconnect with your inner-Divine-self, reigniting your passions and gifts that sparks your life’s purpose. Through her online courses and daily journal, she empowers you to co-create an abundant, passionate purposeful life! She is the bridge between the religious community and the Spiritual/energy community showing you how it’s all connected and everyone is saying the same thing. Her upcoming one day conference, Experience Your Awakening, gives you tools to create a roadmap to emotional, mental, physical, and Spiritual wellness. It’s time to redefine what “church” looks like. Spiritual Synergy Sessions are here!  https://hearts-joy.com/

Kelei Leak, Council Member

Kelei Baker Leak BSBM CCH is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist, Life Coach & Consultant.  Owner of Enlightened Steps Hypnosis, Coaching & Consulting she assists you in clearing barriers so you can define your chosen path.  Through Hypnosis, Coaching, Age/Past life regression, NLP, EFT, EMDR, Kinetic Shift and Integrative Addictions Solutions, Kelei assists clients in freeing themselves to create the lives they desire.  http://www.enlightenedsteps.com/

Bill Heitman, Council Member

I come to you and share my work as your Fairy Godfather of Wellness. My heart’s calling is to share knowledge and experiences while holding space to support you, so that you can find your own deeper version of living a healthier, more connected, and powerful life!  I offer one-on-one and group self-renewal coaching and classes, both in person and virtually. In addition, I facilitate massage meditation re-sets and teach a therapeutic and powerfully effective yoga method locally in Indianapolis. https://billheitman.com/