Why on earth would you want to cleanse, flush, or detox anything?

As you eliminate decrepit waste matter from your cells, your body has to remove it from the body. Many of us are flawed in our ability to remove these toxins from our body. This leads to swelling, inflammation, or malfunction of various parts of the body. Following a healthy lifestyle and practicing regular cleansing patterns helps to drive this filth away from our life; allowing us to heal, grow and thrive.


If you’ve made it to my site, then there is a good chance you’ve heard about parasites at this point. If you haven’t, it’s a can of “worms” that most people are fascinated to open. Parasites come in many forms and from many sources.

Before you jump to the conclusion that you don’t have any, let me pop that bubble and tell you we all have parasites. Even Parasite Plus Flushthose of us who eat super healthy and cleanse often. Everyone has some parasites. If you’ve ever eaten meat, dairy, eggs, fish, walked around barefoot, pet an animal, swam in a lake or stream, or even drank fresh spring water then you too have parasites.

We can often live with these vagrants for years of life without ever knowing. More common parasites will cause poor digestion, fatigue, insatiable hunger, cravings for junk food, or many other conditions and diseases. When symptoms become unbearable we can safely turn to the following cleanse to drastically reduce the amount of critters in our body.

Liver & Gallbladder

These two organs serve to remove harmful toxins from the body and encourage healthful digestion into the bowels. As we consume acidic foods, our body protects the vital organs by wrapping this acid in calcium. Then these calcium deposits collect all throughout the body. One of the most overlooked places for these deposits is in the gallbladder.

When the gallbladder is clogged with these calcium deposits, it can become inflamed and/or malfunction. This leads to poor digestion, no hunger, weight gain, or even liver failure. Often this is when many doctors will jump at the chance to remove your gallbladder.

Many people opt to just cleanse the liver and gallbladder and skip the parasite flush. You can do either cleanse alone but I prefer to combine these two. When you detox parasites alone, you may not eliminate them easily. However, when you follow the instructions below, you will kill much of the moochers and flush their remains out with many calcium deposits.

The Procedure –  A Three Week Process                           

Day 1 – Start with a teaspoon of Herbal Parasite Syrup in the morning. Try to maintain a clean diet for the whole 3 week cleanse. Mucus forming foods feed these suckers, so let’s starve them to improve the efficacy of the cleanse. Before bed we take another teaspoon of Herbal Parasite Syrup.

Day 2-4 – Take 1 tsp of Herbal Parasite Syrup morning and evening.

Day 5-7 – Take no parasite syrup, but maintain the clean eating.

Day 8-11 – Take 1 tsp of Herbal Parasite Syrup morning and evening.

Day 12-14 – Take no parasite syrup, but maintain the clean eating.

Day 15-18 – Take 1 tsp of Herbal Parasite Syrup morning and evening. Also drink 1 whole quart of organic, not from concentrate apple juice. (If you can’t tolerate apple juice you may substitute cranberry juice, but maintain the same juice for the whole cleanse.) These juices contain malic acid which will help to soften the gallstones and dissolve stagnant bile.

Day 19 – Drink 1 whole quart of organic, not from concentrate apple juice. No more parasite syrup is required today or hereafter.

Day 20 – Drink 1 whole quart of organic, not from concentrate apple juice. Today you must stick to a light, healthy, preferably raw diet. NO processed sugars, meats, dairy, fats, or oils should be eaten. After 2pm no food should be eaten.

  • 6pm – Drink a 6-8oz glass of distilled water with 1 tsp of added epsom salt. Drink no or little water directly after this glass for about 30 minutes, then you may drink as normal.
  • 8pm – Drink another 6-8oz glass of distilled water with 1 tsp of added epsom salt.
  • 9:30pm – If you are at this time still constipated or haven’t had a movement for over 24 hours, then you may consider taking a cold catnip tea (or even just water) enema to break the bowels free.
  • 9:45pm – Add 6oz of grapefruit juice (fresh squeezed is ideal, but an organic not from concentrate bottled juice will work) and 4oz of the best and freshest olive oil available to a mason jar. Put lid on the jar and shake well until the mix is well blended.
  • 10pm – Stand next to your bed and drink the mix that you just assembled 10-15 minutes earlier. Drink the mix within 5 minutes or less. Lie down right away. Make sure all lights and distractions are turned off. Lie on your back with your head propped up with a pillow or on your right side with knees pulled towards your chest. Do Not Move (or even speak) for 20 minutes. Go to sleep if possible. Should you feel the need to go to the bathroom at any point, don’t wait, just go! Also a little advice: If you think you need to fart, DON’T! Go to the bathroom.

Day 21 – 6am (or upon wakening after 6am) – Drink another 6-8oz glass of distilled water with 1 tsp of added epsom salt.

  • 8am – Drink a final 6-8oz glass of distilled water with 1 tsp of added epsom salt.
  • 10am – You may begin drinking fresh pressed juices. I usually prefer to finish the rest of the grapefruit juice I bought or made.
  • 11am – You may begin eating fresh fruits
  • 12 noon – You may begin eating lighter cooked foods
  • 6pm-midnight – You should be finished with the flush and be able to return to a normal healthy diet and lifestyle.

Gallstones are typically light green and smaller than a pea. However they can range from white to dark brown and be as big as an inch across. This isn’t common in my experience. You may feel nauseous, achy, sick, or tired during the last day, but this will pass usually within a day. Parasites will flush out with the stones and other liver debris. They range vastly in shapes, sizes, and colors. Please feel free to do your own research on these as there are too many to list at this time.

After any cleanse I do my best to maintain a mucusless diet as long as possible. You just detoxed, so why the hurry to retox? This keeps anyone of the several thousand parasite eggs left behind from growing out of control. I suggest doing this cleanse 3 or 4 times per year but making sure to keep 6 weeks or more between each cleanse.

Doing all of this and maintaining digestive health can help you slim down, boost energy, and stay healthy all year round.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Derek Weaver, Heal Your Disease – “I am a certified Herbalist through the School of Natural Healing. With eight years of experience helping people in health food store environments and having had worked for major national supplement companies, I’ve learned and continue to learn many things.”

***  Indy Holistic Hub does not suggest or promote specific health protocols.  This is for informational purposes only.  Always consult your health practitioner before making changes in your health program.

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