Please read these Promises & Agreements carefully before using purchasing a subscription for the Indy Holistic Hub.




Indy Holistic Hub (IHH) encourages high standards of professionalism, proficiency, and ethics.

IHH members have diverse training and credentials. The requirements for practitioners is varied and it is required by IHH that its members honestly express their qualifications per state and other entities of licensure or certification. It is up to the practitioner to uphold the integrity of their work and seek out quality training to expand their growth and knowledge base.

Holistic health and well-being refers to an understanding that a person’s mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies make up the whole person and impact their overall health and well-being. Each member practitioner recognizes they impact this whole and at times other care is required for the client. In this case, IHH stresses that proper referrals and educating the client on options is important so they can make the best decision for themselves.

IHH is intended for high conscious and heart-centered holistic professionals. IHH believes a common set of values is imperative for a thriving community at large, holistic community, and individual holistic businesses. We promote the following set of values for our members to uphold towards one another, as well as with their clients.

Set of Values


There are bountiful opportunities for everyone to thrive in our community. Abundance is for the holistic practitioner, as well as the client. When the practitioner stays centered, authentic, and consciously aware in their work a thriving business is a by-product. Abundance for the client means abundant resources available so they may find their fit. It takes us all!


We encourage and reinforce proactive and holistic self-care. It’s important for holistic professionals to walk their own talk and be an example through their own living and being. We encourage the greater community to prioritize their own self-care for a more fulfilling, health-full, and happy life. Everyone benefits when this is a priority – relationships, workplaces, families, organizations, and the community functions more optimally.


We honor one another and clients by acknowledging there is no one-size-fits all and it takes each of us to show up and share our passion and talents. By understanding we are each unique in our experiences and approach, it allows us to work with our ideal clients and those who can benefit most from what we each offer.

Continual growth

Continual growth is about learning and developing, both personally and professionally. Through involvement with IHH, its offerings, and support network; we all continually grow together for a

flourishing holistic community. It is up to each individual member to engage and strive to be at their best in the work they do. Continual education and training shall be a priority in order to be at ones best.


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