“What! My skin can dance better than I can?”  Why yes it can and it does! Coming from a girl growing up in the 60”s and 70’s dancing was something I learned from practicing in front of a black and white console TV in the living room. I watched the weekly episode of American Bandstand, my moves were pretty awkward and goofy! My friends and I danced to 45 and 33RPM records that skipped if we moved too fast on our makeshift stage. We thought we had rhythm anyhow!

Later on in life I like to think the dancing got a bit better.  Little did I know back then we all are designed with rhythm. Our breathing, circulation, hormonal functions, digestion, all the biological functions have a rhythm. We are all a part of nature which has it’s own rhythms, Light and Dark, Warmth and Cold, Stillness and Movement. It is the “Dance” of Mother Nature and she dances better than any of us!

Our skin performs a plethora of jobs. First off it keeps our insides…inside! It regulates temperature, absorbs Vitamin D from the sun, protects us from the elements, disease and heals up pretty much all by itself. Although it does all these things by it ‘s own nature we need to pay attention when it is asking for help. Every blemish, rash and wrinkle is a calling out for us to pay attention to what our skin and body needs.

Our skin renews itself every 28 days, this is the Shedding and Renewal Rhythm. It acts different in the daytime then at night when it regenerates, this is our skin’s Daily Rhythm.  The Dr. Hauschka products we use here at Aqua Serene Wellness encourage this rhythmic approach. They are even manufactured according to the rhythm of nature. The “mother” tinctures are exposed to Light and Dark, Warmth and Cold, Stillness and Movement. Their products also have the most strict organic certifications in the world!

During the day we suggest the use of day creams and oils to protect the skin and to pamper it, at night removal of  makeup and day creams is essential, we discourage oily products, using only water based products designed for night time to let our skin breathe and regenerate.


About The Author:  Cindy Aguirre, owner of Aqua Serene Wellness (www.aquaserenewellness.com).  “In our signature Holistic Dr. Hauschka Facial Treatment we go even further into the rhythm communication just below the skin by stimulating the lymph. From head to toe we trigger the balancing stimuli to encourage harmony and vitality. This is yet another dance…that I am actually certified to do!”

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